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We're a hard-working, experienced crew that is passionate about helping you create value.
Meet Our Team

The people behind Yield

People tell us that we're smart, experienced and fun to work with. One thing is certain: we absolutely love doing the work we do, together.
Gary Schwake
Managing Partner

Prior to Yield, Gary was VP of Consumer Engagement at ACTIVE Network, a global software and payments provider to activity and event management companies. He built a $40MM business unit that included eCommerce, membership, web and mobile applications and digital marketing services. Gary co-founded a software company, that was acquired by ACTIVE, as well as an omni-channel retail concept.

Andy Monahan
Vice President, Growth

Andy has a strong track record of profitably growing revenue for companies across several industries. He's led and built teams, created market entry plans, implemented & improved marketing analytics, analyzed competitive landscape, fit product to market, and researched & developed right-sized marketing technology stacks.

Benji Walvoord
Data & Business Intelligence

Benji is a former healthcare CIO and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in big data, business intelligence and API integrations. He led the integration of over 100 separate EHR systems into Salesforce and still has the scars to prove it. Around Yield Group, we affectionately call him the Data Czar.

Eric Dodds
Executive Advisor, Growth & Data Strategy

Eric is part of the founding team of Yield and is currently on a "tour of duty" helping Rudderstack, a data routing tool, build out their go-to-market and customer success team. He was formerly CMO of The Iron Yard, which at its peak was the largest coding school in the world, helping to grow the business 10x in less than 2 years via data-driven acquisition and full-funnel attribution across a dozen software systems.

Peter Barth
Executive Advisor, Corporate Strategy

Pete is part of the founding team of Yield. He is a  successful serial entrepreneur and investor, and currently serves as the Managing Director of the US and UK for Flatiron School, an education company backed by Carrick Capital. He advises Yield Group on organizational growth at scale.

Mason Stewart
Executive Advisor, Software Engineering & APIs

Mason is part of the founding team of Yield. He was formerly CTO of The Iron Yard, where he led the development of their state-of-the-art learning management system. Prior to TIY, he was a senior  engineer at Zaarly, a Kleiner-Perkins portfolio company. Mason is our secret weapon for solving complex data, JavaScript and API situations.

Jon Shadid
Growth Associate

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