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Measuring Your Customer Journey

Have you ever heard the adage, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Well, here at the Yield Group we have a similar saying which goes “How do you map a customer journey...one datum at a time!”
Benji Walvoord
In this roundup, we've collected several great articles that will help you think through the customer journey and how you can take action on it in your own business.
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How do you plot the journey?

Whether you are a mid-size B2B or a new B2C startup, the ability to track your customer journey step by step is critical to creating and maintaining any growth strategy.  

In this week’s review we present two articles that highlight the challenges of identifying, wrangling and normalizing customer journey data with the ultimate goal of empowering people (or automated systems) to predict the path of a customer based on similar prior interactions.

Adobe’s latest Customer Experience Platform updates take aim at data scientists

• By Ron Miller @ron_miller

What is this about?

This article covers the recent Adobe Analytics announcement regarding its new Customer Experience Platform slated to launch later this year.

Why does it matter?

Adobe has been helping clients capture data from a variety of tools with its Experience Cloud but has largely left the visualization to BI giants like Looker, Tableau, Splash, etc.   Adobe’s foray into visualizing the data it's collecting highlights how difficult it is to normalize the data in a way that makes it useful and actionable.

How can you apply it?

For now your only option is to participate in the beta program but we look forward to digging in once the product is made generally available.


This is a quick read at 5 minutes

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What is the role of data in growth?

• Linda Dauriz is director of customer experience and corporate development at Hugo Boss. Dennis Spillecke is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Cologne office.

What is this about?

This article was produced by McKinsey and contains three short clips from an interview with Linda Duariz, director of customer experience and corporate development at Hugo Boss. Spillecke and Duariz discuss three salient topics relative to growth and the customer.

Why does it matter?

With all of the discussion about data and growth marketing, it’s easy to get sucked into the notion that collecting data is always complex and requires sophisticated tooling. In the short clip titled “The Importance of Data”, Duariz tells us about how their retail sales staff began collecting contact information from individual shoppers and how motivating it was for the individual sales reps to see the power and insight data can provide.

How can you apply it?

When developing a strategy for customer growth, it’s important to remember not to lose sight of the people on the front lines who actually interact with your customers.  Sales reps, customer service personnel and other call center staff have wonderful insight and very often feel that their input is not valued. What Ms. Duariz points out, however, is that when you engage customer facing members they become hyper engaged and empowered when made to feel as participants of the data driven customer growth team.


This is a quick read at about 10 minutes.

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