Client Success Story

Payzer is a growth stage SaaS company that makes field service software for contractors. Here are the Yield services they invested in:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Data & Revenue Analytics
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Coaching & Advisory Retainers

Why Payzer partnered with Yield Group

Payzer was built on an extremely strong sales foundation, but as they pursued more aggressive growth goals, they knew they needed to leverage the power of digital marketing to increase funnel throughput and feed the sales team with qualified, warm leads.

Key KPIs and improvements

Primary KPI

  • Increased number of opportunities

Secondary KPIs and Improvements

  • Increased % of engaged leads
  • Increased conversion rate from lead to qualified opportunity
  • Increased marketing team's velocity of testing and optimization
Engagement recap

Payzer became a leader in their space by building a great product, providing real support and growing through an excellent sales function.

Like many growth stage companies with strong sales competency, leveraging modern digital marketing practices wasn't a primary focus, especially in the early stages.

As their growth goals became more aggressive, though, their leadership team brought on a marketing director who was tasked with supporting growth and sales through digital efforts.

The Payzer team engaged Yield to shorten the learning curve and help them build the digital muscles they needed to get the most value possible out of their pipeline.

How Yield helped

Our first step was to help the Payzer team analyze their historical customer data to build a mathematical understanding of the most valuable cohorts and acquisition cost thresholds.

Using those data points as a framework for prioritization and measuring ROI, we then worked with their team to build out an efficient testing and optimization framework they could use to evaluate both new acquisition channels as well as nurturing and engagement tactics.

Our team worked side-by-side with their marketing team to execute against that framework, evaluating multiple acquisition channels and digital touchpoints, removing non-performant components from the mix and optimizing those that showed mathematical promise.

Throughout the entire process, our seniors served as strategic guides to the Payzer marketing and sales leadership team as they worked on building out a digital function within their business, while our execution team ensured that the marketing team was fully trained on how to execute against the framework on their own.

The results

Our work helped Payzer significantly improve key KPIs, including the percentage of leads in the funnel who were engaged as well as the conversion rate of those leads into qualified, warm opportunities for the sales team.

Payzer is extremely excited about the increased business growth, but truly appreciated our effort to make them self-sufficient through our collaborative, training-focused process.

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