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Data & Revenue Analytics

Trust your data and use it to steer your business towards growth.
Data & Revenue Analytics services are typically delivered in Phases 1 and 2 of our process
Ensure that your data is clean & trustworthy across the stack
Achieve attribution through the entire funnel to understand what drives revenue
Report across the entire journey with dashboards built on a data warehouse

Data & Revenue Analytics

Data and analytics are the lifeblood of growth

Can you fully trust your customer data and analytics? Most companies have gaps, whether it's not blocking internal web traffic or dealing with duplicates in their CRM.

We help you gain control by ensuring your data is clean, then leveraging it to help you make decisions with confidence through robust data and revenue analytics and business intelligence.

Data audits and hygiene

Have confidence in your data

Data audits
Data cleansing
Data transformation

From your web analytics to product analytics, CRM to automation, we can audit the state of your data across the stack, find the gaps and problems, then help you implement a plan to fix them.

Attribution & ROI

Visibility from first touch to revenue

Attribution schema
Tagging framework
Attribution modeling

For growth leaders, the holy grail is being able to see what's driving revenue, starting with the first touch. Use our proven attribution schema and tagging process to achieve ad-level granularity on ROI, then make the customer journey visible by modeling attribution across touchpoints.

Warehouse-driven business intelligence

All of your customer data, collected and reported


Full-funnel data and revenue analytics is best achieved by storing clean data from across the stack in a warehouse, then layering flexible dashboards on top. This ensures tool-agnostic business intelligence that remains intact no matter how your stack changes.

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