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Growth Strategy

Leverage our proven growth frameworks and deep experience as successful owners/operators.
Growth Strategy services are typically delivered in Phases 1 and 2 of our process
Build or validate a full formula to revenue from the bottom up
Implement customer segmentation to achieve cohort-driven growth
Understand how to leverage personas and journey position across the entire stack

Growth Strategy

No amount of data and technology will overcome a poor business growth strategy.

Yield Group frequently works with middle-market companies that have a long track record of success, but are finding it harder to consistently drive business growth.

Markets, customers and competition are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. So before we start talking about tech stacks and data layers, we start every engagement by validating the building blocks of a successful growth strategy.

Growth framework

Achieve a clear, mathematical foundation for business growth

Formula to revenue
Lifetime value
Cost per acquisition
Unit economics

We dive deep into existing customer data to validate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers, by market segment. We also build an initial model to establish a target Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) against which all investments will be measured.

Customer segmentation

There are no average customers

Cohort analysis
Historical performance
Growth opportunities

Why build a growth strategy using metrics from an average customer that doesn’t exist? We segment customers into cohorts: groups of customers with similar characteristics, from which we develop both economic and behavioral models that drive your data-driven growth strategy.

Personas and messaging

Understand how your customer wants to buy

Value propositions
Feature alignment

While most marketing teams utilize basic personas, it is rare that these are 1) informed by both internal and external data, and 2) designed around a typical buyer group that represents a modern, complex buyer journey. We help marketing and product teams refine the targeted buyers and related messaging for use in a digital-first world.

Our Insights on Growth Strategy

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