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Revenue Ops

Streamline sales and marketing operations so you can focus on the customer.
Revenue Ops services are typically delivered in Phases 3 and 4 of our process
Design and implement a revenue ops process for your business
Configure your systems to speak the same language across marketing and sales
Ongoing support for your sales and marketing ops teams

Revenue Ops

Know that your growth engine is a well oiled machine

Revenue Ops is the combination of marketing, sales and customer success operations—the people who build tracks and keep the trains running on time.

We support tool implementation and administration, as well as process design, documentation and functional performance reporting, both in support of your team and as a managed service.

Ops Design & Implementation

Design the perfect marketing and sales ops team and process

Process design
Tool implementation
Team design

Finding the talent required to build a Revenue Ops function is one of the top challenges facing mid-market companies today. The skill sets are technical and in extremely high demand, so let us do the heavy lifting of building out this function, giving you the space to recruit and train the team over time.

System Configuration & Alignment

Worry about your customer, not custom fields

Field mapping
Data normalization

Departments might leverage the same data and tools, but often have their own configurations, making a holistic view of the customer extremely difficult to achieve.

Yield will work with your team to configure each tool to create alignment and allow customer data to pass through the system, increasing visibility on the performance of marketing, sales and customer success.

Ops Team Support

Supercharge your marketing and sales ops team

On-demand support

We find that many mid-market companies have a sales ops function. A bit less common are those that have a marketing ops function. Regardless of the team structure, we help your team develop a revenue ops mindset, stepping in to do the heavy lifting on building and then upskilling your existing team to operate the engine.

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