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Testing & Optimization

Digital leaders test their way to business optimization with high-velocity processes and tooling.
Testing & Optimization services are typically delivered in Phases 2, 3 and 4 of our process
Build a high-velocity testing framework that is usable across teams
Connect a testing toolset that matches your business needs and budget
Run testing at scale for B2B and B2C companies with multivariate testing

Customer testing & optimization

Validate your understanding of the customer with statistically significant tests

Winning in today's digital world requires high-velocity, test-driven business optimization at every touchpoint across the customer journey.

We'll lead you to statistically significant outcomes by leveraging our proven testing and optimization frameworks and deep experience with experiment design for both B2B and B2C companies.

High-velocity testing frameworks

Simple processes for complex testing

Built for speed
Aligned to KPIs

Our testing frameworks are built on decades of experience pursuing statistical significance at scale. Usable by teams big and small across the company, leverage our process to ensure alignment with your business goals and clear documentation of the test and the results.

Testing tools

Empower your teams to move fast without using development resources

Minimize dev resources

We're experienced with testing tools across the spectrum, from simple, free solutions to enterprise-level software. No matter the system, we help your marketing and sales teams move fast without requiring development resources.

Testing at scale

Run tests at scale, simultaneously

Experiment design
Multivariate testing
Control for seasonality

When the framework and infrastructure are in place, we can help you accelerate learning and validation at scale. We accomplish this by leveraging experiment design, running many test simultaneously and controlling for complex variables like seasonality.

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